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 Terms of use

All the files on FunLurnSVG.com come with Personal and Commercial License, which means you can use them in products that you sell. These files can be used as whole to customize apparel, craft paper, decorate a product, or create a sticker/decal etc.

Selling or Giving these files away for free is strictly prohibited.

The Freebies in the shop can be linked on your website, But the download link needs to be forwarded to FunLurnSVG.com

End User License Agreement

Purchasing the design gives you the the license to create a hand crafted product/products for

  1. Personal Use  Which means to create a physical product for personal use or as a gift.
  2. Commercial Use   Which means to create a physical product for selling ( online or in a brick and mortar store ) The license allows for 200 physical products to be created. Kindly reach out to me if you need to create more than 200 physical products, and I can work on an extended license for you.


  1. Selling the Design – NOT allowed
  2. Selling a portion of the Design NOT allowed
  3. Creating a design using the design and selling it – NOT allowed
  4. Creating a Design using the design and selling a physical product made with it – NOT allowed
  5. Uploading on Print on Demand (POD) website for business use such as Amazon Merch, Printful, etc – NOT allowed
  6. Sub-licensing the design in any way is NOT allowed
  7. Sharing the actual design in any way NOT allowed
  8. Uploading the design (Digital file itself ) for sharing with others( Google Drive, Dropbox ) NOT allowed
  9. Sharing the file on Facebook, in ANY group, private, public, closed or secret,  or other social media is NOT allowed
  10. TRACING the file does not make it yours, Selling a trace/ Tracing NOT allowed
  11. File conversion into any other format ( including Embroidery, Laser cutting, etching designs  ) NOT allowed
  12. Sharing a product image WITHOUT a watermark NOT allowed

In Legal Terms:

You may not sell, sub-license, lease, rent, modify, merge, adapt, translate, assign or otherwise transfer any of the digital file or parts of the file, or remove any proprietary notice, watermark, or label appearing on the file, including any copyright and trademark notices. Basically, NO SELLING of the file as a whole or part of the file.

All intellectual property contained within the digital file, and all trademarks, service marks, copyrights, ownership and other rights therein are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of FunLurn Design Studio and Ruchira Bhawnani

FunLurn Design Studio reserves the right to change file settings, permissions, and modes of access on subsequent file downloads at its discretion without prior notice.

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