Prayers for Peace

In the wake of the recent events, Silence is no longer an option.

I stand heartbroken today and you know the reason why.

I needed to process a lot before speaking. The issues that the country is facing right now are big and complex, and require much thought, reflection and prayer. 

I stand in solidarity with all my heart and prayers for my BIPOC brothers and sisters!

For a long while, I thought, if I had the right to speak on this topic when I am not staying in America anymore. But then, I have two children who are American and I always tell them that they are born in a country where Human Rights are valued the most in the entire world.

The USA in my heart is a country with the highest moral ground, A land with Liberty and Justice for all.

I stand against discrimination.

I stand against police brutality in all forms.

To also be clear, I do not stand for looting, violence or cyber-bullying.

I also strongly support the first responders and law enforcement personnel who are and have always been putting themselves in harm’s way every single day to keep others safe.

I also stand for maintaining Social distancing during this time, as the Pandemic is not yet over.

My heart bleeds to see America going through this. I pray for peace and for a better day.

Doing my bit, here are some designs that speak my current state of mind. These can be downloaded for free from the freebie library, or by clicking the images in the post.

Black lives matter

Prayers for Peace SVG

Compassion is not canceled SVG

Equality and Inclusion SVG


Skin Color is not reasonable suspicion

Empathy is not canceled

Equality should not be a privilege


Equality is the Moral Ground
Equality is the Moral Ground

Black Lives Matter Free SVGs

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Black Lives Matter svg

Find more Free SVGs in the Freebie Lirbary


  1. Thank you for your freebies. They are awesome

  2. Thank you, I stand with you!

  3. Robert White

    Thank You! I am with you

  4. Charlotte Kirby

    I found your website a little late, but it tells me a lot about you as a person. Thank you so much your images are beautiful and I’m sure they take a lot of work. Thank you again.

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