FunLurn began life in 2016 by Ruchira Bhawnani while she was stationed in Bentonville with her husband who serves Walmart.

She was then full time freelancing as an information visualizer and pitch deck designer for various big brands and small startups and was the Number One Presentation Designer in the United States at Elance.com.  She felt satisfied that her design education was put to good use, but since it was all commissioned work, she never got her due credit as a designer. There was a burning desire in her to be able to create and share good design without all the hiding and non-disclosure agreements.


She had her vinyl cutting machine since 2010, and she had enjoyed creating designs for herself and crafted products to gift friends and family. Unsatisfied with the poor quality of the designs that were out there she began to create her own designs from scratch.

In 2016, She was struggling with little to no recognition by the big brands and big-budget projects on one hand, while on the other she was working for peanuts to serve startups because of the sincere will to help them. So she started her journey in search of a more fulfilling place.

She found a niche that she was destined to serve – Crafters who had a Small business. She could help them out with designer craft files for a reasonable price. She was able to share her designs and she could keep the price low and in reach for a small business. She launched FunLurn in June 2016 and started creating SVG Files to sell on her Etsy shop which gained popularity very quickly. In 2017 when she crossed 10,000 sales on Etsy, she decided it was time for her to launch her own website and hasn’t looked back since then.

In April 2018, Ruchira and her family returned to India to join her Father in Law in his battle against colon cancer (which they won). They had to return to their home country after selling everything that they had in the US ( except her cutting machine, embroidery machine, and tools of course). 2018 was full of ups and downs, and She literally had to build her infrastructure from the ground up.

Everything changed except the love of her fans for her designs, and her genuine desire to make things easy for them.

Her business has only gained more following since then. Her designs are more centered on her followers. Her Etsy shop alone has served 20,000+ designs to crafters all around the globe and she continues to fulfill her desire to be able to help a small business.